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pat roth author
Pat Roth was born in Bensenville, Illinois, the third and last child of Russ and Fay Roth. Other than a short nine month move to Wisconsin and back, Pat grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. During in his senior year in high school, he was busy trying to figure out what to do next. Accounting? High School math teacher? With no clear decision at hand, Pat decided to join the Air Force. He figured while trying to decide on which career path to take, he could at least earn some college benefits.

Pat enlisted during his senior year and went on active duty a month after graduation. His first job was as a personnel clerk. It was a great job and allowed time to take college classes at night. Pat earned his Associate Degree in Resource Management from the Community College of the Air Force and an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Wesley College, Dover, Delaware.

From there Pat attended Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville) earning a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering along with a math minor. From there Pat graduated officer training school and received his commission. After a total of 13+ years in the Air Force, Pat left active military service. He did go on to complete close to 25 additional years of federal civil service working for both the Air Force and the Army Corps of Engineers. His time working in and for the military took him from Delaware, to Arkansas, England, and all over Alaska. He also had temporary duty assignments in Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, Puerto Rico, Spain, Germany, Greece, and southwest Asia. During this time, Pat managed to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage earning his Master In Education, Adult Education.

None of this sounds like an author! Pat prefers to think of this time as decades of research. Finally Pat started writing a novel. That book still is not finished. Sidetracked with what happens sometimes in life, Pat’s writing took the backseat. Then one day he saw a particular boat. That boat inspired the children’s book The Scotty J. The rest of life’s ups and downs inspired his other book Tears from my heart. Pat has not given up on the novel. Look for it in the future.